The code list contains snippets of gamecode which you may have elected to replace with NOP's from the memory view window's disassembler or just added the code because they can be used later on (basically, an alternative to notepad).

You can safely close and re-open the advanced options pane without worrying about any changes to the code; it will all remain exactly as you've left it, so you can get rid of it to remove clutter if you need too.

Right-clicking on a code will bring up the following options:
·      Open the disassembler at this location: It will open the memory view's disassembler at the code's location.
·      Replace with code that does nothing: It will replace the selected codes with NOPs, so the code(s) will do nothing.
·      Restore with original code: Restore the original code after you have replaced it.
·      Find out what addresses this code accesses: Use the debugger to find out what addresses are accessed by the code.
·      Find out what addresses this code writes to: Use the debugger to find out what addresses are written by the code.
·      Rename: Rename the code in the list.
·      Remove from list: Remove the selected codes from the list.
·      Replace all: Replace all codes with NOPs.